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I have been in this complex for 6 months and I must say that it's not the worst but certainly not the best especially for the price.I broke my lease it was so bad I don't believe in trash talking a business but danm this place was bad.The history of this complex is horrifying, its why they changed the name cause the "new management" is actually the same property owner's : (who owned this building before the name changed) son .

Yes I said it son. The large newly renovated banner in front of the building facing Broadway drew my attention. The place looked Olay from the initial walk through what sealed the deal for me Spencer (property manager) said that renovations were going from building to building and mines would be next as long as I didn't mind rearranging my furniture. So I left a lot of my belongings in boxes thank god I did it made my move out of there easy.

My main issues were the carpets smelled of pets cats and dogs in certain places even though the carpet was "new".

The bed room Windows were very out dated and let cold air into my house if my heat wasn't on 80 my room would be freezing cold in the winter. I had to put bags over all Windows how ugly is that! Good thing I have beautiful curtains. My dishwasher frequently backed up.

I'm not a handy woman and neither is my daughter or my boyfriend but dank I've never had a dish washer fill with water over night. I was on the second floor of a half empty apartment building. I called the manager and he I don't use it enough and that it was something I did. My girl is in middle school and I'm an adult we know what and what not to put in a sink (trust me my boyfriend and I has had plenty of convos about that) my largest concern was the pop Corn ceilings in the bathroom that grew mold, and the old roach dripping that was in the knooks and crannies of the counters and sink.

The only benefit was the parking lot was quiet. Except for when the other complexes were making a lot of noise. I broke y lease on a technicality. Thankfully.

The only thing the renovated was the paint job on the outside and woodsticks on the door ways. This place is old ran down and poorly managed. Save your time and money.

I would rather move to my mother's than pay to live in a dump.And my house never received any renovations during my tenancy.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with i enjoyed the quiet neighborhood and easy access to highway and stated that there is a room for improvement of lieing manager and maintence. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of apartment lease. Broadway Ridge Apartments needs to "just to allow every one to know about this property" according to poster's claims.

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Pool still broken!!Hallways still stink (old carpeting).

Appliances still broken and if something goes wrong it is your fault, not theirs. If you complain about anything, you are threatened with eviction rather than management trying to make anything right due to any additional expenses you may incur because of their cheap, run-down appliances.

And very slow response time for maintenance emergencies such as refrigerator broken.-- current tennant

to Anonymous Prairie Village, Kansas, United States #1213893

I am not sure how to remove this post, but do want to let everyone know that our issues have been resolved. Management stepped up to the plate to get us taken care of.

to Anonymous Discovery Bay, California, United States #1228224

I doubt it.The management has two properties.

One in Kansas where this post was sent from and one in Gladstone which is the complex were taking about.As long as it's the same management these problems are going to continue.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #957308

Omg I have had the same experience just different maintenance issues.WOW!

THIS PLACE HAS NOT CHANGED.I stayed there a few years back and left shortly after moving in..

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